XJSstuff Parts Stock

Some XJSstuff available parts -

Here is a small selection of typical parts; but of course all my best parts are going first. I have a lot of stuff on eBay now, at knock-down prices:

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It's always worth enquiring for anything XJS - ring Graham Hallett to discuss - 07771 508614 or email from the Contact page.

  • XJS front wishbones

    Front wishbone, RHS/LHS, shotblasted & rebushed.

    C41314/5 to VIN 187k


  • XJS front crossmember

    XJS front crossmember

    MHC2244AA late version with pillar strengthening

    Shotblasted & painted


  • XJS front springs

    XJS front springs pair

    Shotblasted & painted


    A selection of part numbers available